Silver Lining

I have honestly had a very boring day in general, especially eats-wise. I have been going to sleep very late (not out of the ordinary for me) but I haven’t been waking up in time to prepare exciting things to eat in the morning and afternoon. I did have one of my favorite breakfast combos.

  • Cinnamon raisin english muffin with Laughing Cow Light wedge, orange


This combo is so filling and delicious! I had to eat this while sorting Christmas ornaments. I hope I didn’t ingest too much glitter which is something that covers my body from July (when we start receiving ornaments) to February (when we finally take the leftover Christmas things down)! I literally had a piece embedded in my widow’s peak for about 5 months. One of the dangers of the biz.

Tomorrow I’ll put up a picture of the tree we’re decorating right now. It is an Ephemeral theme. The colors are black, cream, silver and some gold. I love all things Ephemeral. If you don’t know, ephemera is basically vintage design like this…


I went for a quick lunch of chicken noodle soup and a side salad with my coworkers. I needed some comfort food like that. Today was going by slowly!

Patrick and I are running again tonight once he gets home from work. Here is my playlist..

Picture 2

I’ve decided I prefer working out with songs I know by heart rather than ones I am just learning. Especially Silver Lining by Rilo Kiley. I don’t think I will ever tire of that song! I’m about to leave. Here’s hoping it is not as humid as it was the rest of the day.