Apple bottom genes. It’s a play on words. The song is catchy so I figured it would be an easy title to remember. I really decided to name it because I have a bubble butt and wide hips. This is an inherited trait. Get it? Apple Bottom GENES! Moving on…

I’m Nicole. I work in the fast paced retail world and try to eat well and get fit amidst that chaotic environment. It’s really easy to come home and just crash after running around like a mad person for 8 hours on your feet. I’ve been reading tons of wonderful blogs in several genres for a while now and really wanted to join in on all the fun! All the great food and healthy living blogs give me great motivation to accomplish my goals. I read fashion and design blogs too which fuel my need for creativity and give me great ideas for my job (I work in a home design store) and my personal life. I also love music blogs, specifically indie music blogs like pitchfork. These lead me to new music which just takes me to new places.

Why did I tell you all this? Well my goal is for this blog to be more than just about my food and exercise. I also want to incorporate music and maybe some fashion or design if it’s relevant. I find music is always relevant so I will try to post something about music on each entry. Hope y’all enjoy my musings on life, health and music.


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