Full Speed Ahead

I am terrible at finishing what I start. Thus the week of blogging followed by 6 month absence. C’est la vie. New start…now!

This week is going to be crazy in the ABG household. My hubby is graduating from Texas A&M this weekend so we have friends and family coming in all week and weekend. Tomorrow, our dear old friend, Zach, will be visiting for a few days. Then on Thursday, my grandparents, mother and sister are coming. We’re going to the commencement speech that night followed by dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Madden’s.

On Friday, P’s family is coming and we’ll all attend his graduation ceremony, followed by a small gathering at our house. I am so excited since our whole family has not been together since our wedding nearly five years ago! I believe a graduation is a great reason for such a reunion. P has worked long and hard and we are all very proud. I am so very proud, in fact, that I am getting him a very special graduation present…..a house!

At the beginning of the year, we were trying to decide if we wanted to continue leasing our current apartment or move to a new location. Around the same time, I was hearing a lot about the tax credit offered to new home buyers. We started to look into it and realized that we could purchase a home! We found a local home builder and after a couple of months, signed a contract on a new build. Next week is our first walk through and in about 3 weeks, we will be closing. I am going to tie a big red bow on the door the day that we close so that it can truly be a gift that P unwraps. Hopefully it will be a gift that gives back to us over and over in experiences and joys.