Whip It

After work I was hankerin’ for some fuel so I went to Jamba Juice for a small Pomegranate Paradise with a free energy boost. It was a perfect pick me up before our run.

When I got home P and I went to the middle school track and ran W6D1 of the couch to 5k program. I’ve never been a runner but he has run 2 marathons and I wanted to start so he agreed to help me with it! So far so good. I don’t think I had enough water today because I was really out of it tonight. When we got home, P made some chicken while I was in the shower.

Unfortunately I couldn’t consume said chicken as I was running late for my movie date with Laura. We saw Whip It. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. Great and empowering storyline, cast and music! Lots of funky hip hop with some wild cards thrown in. One of my faves was Your Arms Around Me by Jens Lekman. But I will def be putting this Lollipop remix by The Chordettes on my next playlist! Go see this movie!

Since I didn’t eat at dinnertime I just had a small salad with some Kashi Toasted Asiago crackers and Laughing Cow Light. I’ll wake up early to have a good breakfast! Maybe some WHIPped banana oatmeal??

Sorry for the random pictures right now. I can’t find my camera charger so gotta rely on the iPhone. However, it does not want to upload my pics to the computer. C’est la vie. Will fix soon!

Night night…



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