See Mystery Lights

I woke up kind of late this morning since it was raining. So I couldn’t make whipped banana oatmeal. But I had a delicious Larabar PB&J bar. I love the short ingredients list. And the taste.

I also had some french press in my See Mystery Lights mug from the Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa, Texas. We went to Marfa last week to see Bon Iver in concert with Megafaun. They were amazing and well worth the 10 hour drive there on Thursday and 10 hours back on Friday. It was the most intimate and moving concert I have ever attended.

If you’re interested in indie or folk genres I really recommend Megafaun. Some folk, some jam and even some reggae. I did a hula hoop workout to their album the other night. And Bon Iver is just in a league all their own. Perfection.

For lunch I am having a peach chobani, kashi asiago crackers, a banana and an apple. I only had a little banana because I was super full. Also I got a diet cherry limeade from Sonic.

Not sure of our plans tonight yet though I imagine we may watch one of our Netflix sitting on the table. A Broke Down Melody is one choice. It’s a documentary by Jack Johnson. Or No Country for Old Men which was coincidentally filmed in MARFA. Small world.



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